Not everyone is a caretaker. Some can take care of children, while few are able to take care of the elders who have special needs, illnesses, physical and emotional issues – the very reasons why we really must. Life is about being taken care of and being a caretaker for. Remember when you were little and incapable, there were significant people in your life who helped and guided you until you can stand alone with your own feet.

Our elders, called as the “senior citizens” often receive the least attention. Aside from their poor memory, weak body, and fluctuating mood, they tend to disguise themselves as if they are fine. This may be because most of them aren’t used to be taken care of and only know they are the ones who should be caring; this is another reason why taking care of them is a must.

Not all people realize these things, which are why there are still elders on the streets fighting to survive the cruelty of life every day. Some even still stand as providers for their families, even if they’re already grayed, wrinkled. How saddening it is to see them like that, thinking that it’s already time for them to rest and be taken care of in return.

Fortunately, there are still concern people who notice the needs of the underprivileged and act to address these; people like Dra Farrah. Dra Farrah has recognized that our elders have suffered a lot in the past and they deserve to enjoy their shortening stay in the world. Like newly-born babies, our elders are also one of the most susceptible when it comes to diseases; this is why Dra Farrah has organized a program to help address this problem.

Dra Farrah organized a comprehensive dental mission for the elders of Maluid, Victoria, Tarlac with her colleague, Dr. Rosa Eleria, the founder of the Dentista Group. Both Dra Farrah and Dr. Eleria recognize that the oral health and prevention-based programs are such an important area for our senior citizens.  Aside from this, Dra Farrah also donated food supplies for the elders in the community

“Respect begets respect” equates “love begets love.” You know how great of a feeling to have someone taking care and showing their love for you. Likewise, you also know how miserable it could be to be taken for granted. Love because you are loved; and love because you are able to give love, especially to the ones who’ve been there ever since — our elders.

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