Dra Farrah participated in a press conference held at Club Filipino, San Juan, Metro Manila. She was invited as a guest speaker at the conference to discuss her advancement in curing Dengvaxia-related illnesses. Dra Farrah informed her audience about the importance of natural medicines and its healing miracles.

“So we know that our immune system had to be very strong. And if we put [take] foods that are crappy, it means it is processed, devoid of vitamins and minerals, it will decrease [weaken] our immune system.”

Due to alarming cases of illnesses allegedly caused by Dengvaxia in the country over the last several months, Dra Farrah stressed the value of the immune system and how we can maintain it. According to her, good food intake is essential in protecting the body against diseases. Dra Farrah also testified about the success of her all-natural treatments.

“I put the patient on [treated using] vitamin C, the next is the horsetail, it’s an herb. Now the ginger, the white ginger acts as an anti-inflammatory. The flu-like symptoms have already disappeared.  That’s the magic of natural medicine!”

Some of us may disregard natural medicines and go for what we call as present-day treatments.  But for Dra Farrah, these natural remedies are the ones which really counts. One of the audience asked, “How long will it (Vitamin C) take to heal the patient?”, Dra Farrah with conviction;

“A week. Because vitamin C is very powerful! I have never underestimated its powers. It’s really very good!”

You can go to first class hospitals or to a lone clinic in your barangay for your medical needs. But, the best care doesn’t rest on how modern or how traditional your medication will be. The best care lies in the heart of a physician who trusts her treatments wholeheartedly, and someone who chooses to help those who are sick instead of blaming others for why it happened. A great doctor is bold and brave and an extension of God’s healing hands.

“As a Doctor, it serves no purpose to point fingers of blame when it comes to the health of our children regarding the dengvaxia related illnesses. The important issue is what we must do in order to help them return to health.” – Dra Farrah Agustin-Bunch

If you want to know more about Dra Farrah’s success in curing Dengvaxia patients and on treating different diseases using all-natural medicines you can visit our website https://drfarrahcancercenter.com or call us at 09189151284. You can also check our facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/DrFarrahBunch/.


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