With just one act of sharing, you can able to change the whole course by inspiring another to do the same. It is true that acquiring something is self-fulfilling, but being able to share gives happiness for both the giver and the receiver. Sharing implant seeds of happiness in the hearts of people. Those who are able to share are the happiest people.

Life is worth celebrating. Every single day which is deemed special should be celebrated with the people you value most. For a mother, the most precious day is not her own birthday but that of her jewels – her children. For the most wonderful doctor of Victoria, Tarlac, Dra Farrah Agustin-Bunch, the birthday of her beloved son should be memorable not just for them, but for the people she also values as a Tarlaqueña … her kababayans.

Dra Farrah drove from barangay Maluid to barangay San Francisco, Victoria, Tarlac to celebrate with the students and teachers of San Francisco Elementary School. She prepared nutritious food for everyone, especially for the young, which includes eggs, sandwiches, porridge, and milk, to keep them energize all throughout that day. To entertain them more, she also sponsored a face paint booth which the students found fascinating as they go on with the program Dra Farrah has for them.

As Dra Farrah gives her talk in front of the students, it is amazing to see that they really pay attention to what the doctor is saying. In Dra Farrah’s delight, she has awarded 10, 000 pesos to the most behave student whose name is Chloe. Dra Farrah, then, reminded the students to always behave so they can also win their own prizes in the future. The birthday party of Dra Farrah’s son will surely be remembered because it was shared with the students and teachers of San Francisco Elementary School.

Surely, sharing is the key to a happier celebration; and Dra Farrah was able to acknowledge and deliver that. Through this simple activities, hopefully, many will join the advocacy to give the Filipino youth a better living.

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