“You cannot blame those who were born in poverty to be poor; blame them when they stay poor when they get old.” My mother used to say these things to me when we see people under bridges, or those who ask for money on streets. At a young age I was curious as to why they are experiencing those when I can see that they have the capability to get better in life.

Later in my life I realized that the answer to that question is simple — WILL. If you chose to get better, you will be. Many times we were told that education is the only thing that no one can never take away from us. Yes, it is. But there is something more about education that Dra Farrah wants us to understand.

  “I wanted to show the value of higher education, promote entrepreneurship within them, and most importantly, dare them to dream big” said Dra Farrah.

The young Dra Farrah experienced poverty before. Her parents needed to work the hardest to give them quality education for her parents know this is the only thing which can bring them to success. Growing up, Dra Farrah worked equally hard to rise above poverty and now … she’s serving those who are in need by taking care of their health as a doctor.

With these experiences, Dra Farrah wants to help the young in her community by giving the scholarship and summer job programs. In this way, she believes that the young Victorians will have wonderful experiences which will make them wiser and enjoy.

“We decided to do something special to help young scholars in our community. We organized a summer job program here at our facility for young Victorians. We received almost 800 applications and chose the top 11 highest honor students for this DOLE approved opportunity” Dra Farrah added.

Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch Natural Medical Center was opened to the lucky 11 honor students so they can be trained and earn at the same time, while they’re on their vacations. Dra Farrah believes that a practical work experience in a safe and clean environment could be a wonderful experience for them. They were given a very good wage so they can learn and enjoy the pride and satisfaction that comes from working and earning an honest wage from an honest work.

It takes one to know one; that’s why Dra Farrah understands. She chose to step forward not to be recognized but rather, to give recognition to the young Victorians who study and work hard for their big dreams. For more information about Dra Farrah’s advocacies and all-natural treatments, you may visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DrFarrahBunch.

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