Not all children have the privilege to go to school. Some of them are forced to work just to support their families, at a young age. Childhood has been snatched from them, their dreams, even. How saddening it is to think they will never have more wonderful memories except from the many days they wish they could live a normal life just like anybody else.

Many people have talked about education, the problems, and even solutions. However, not all of them put those sweet words into substantial actions. Many children still haven’t met school, school children are still in hunger, while teachers are still carrying these burdens with them on a daily basis. How ironic it is to see how this country value education, yet, put less priority to it. It is not enough to make laws about education; there should be concrete solutions to the problems this country is facing.

As someone who had experienced hardships when she was little, Dra Farrah wants to help children in schools around her community because she witnesses how life becomes so cruel to their helpless, little hearts. Dra Farrah recognizes how a meal can change the entire day of a child, for with an empty stomach, the mind cannot function properly. With just the simplest meal, Dra Farrah believes, and hopes that this can bring a new source of motivation to the students of Bulo Elementary School in creating bigger dreams, and solving the problems their carry from home.

Furthermore, Dra Farrah wants to lighten up the load of every public school teachers to fulfill their tasks as educators and second parents to the students. Thus, Dra Farrah has provided them new audio-visual technology to make their everyday teaching more fruitful and conducive.

Aside from these, Dra Farrah has given school supplies to students and personal hygiene kits to encourage them practice a cleaner and healthier living. Dra Farrah acknowledges that the problem the students and teachers are facing is not in singular but in plural. It is rooted in the community where they live, and so, Dra Farrah has provided livelihood to the barangay of Bulo as a primary step to solve the problem in poverty.

Being a child is the most special phase in one’s life. This is where he is free to dream; this is where he dreams to build his future. If it will be snatch out from his hand, how can he be able to start? Let the child be a child, for when he becomes a man, the teachings he will recall are the lessons his childhood has taught him; nothing else.

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