How fun it is to return to being a child! This is the stage where you don’t care what tomorrow brings because you know you have your family to take care about the serious stuffs. All you do is enjoy every single moment of every day, playing with your friends. But as adulthood enters, the story will never be the same anymore, even you, will never be the same again.

We should never deprive the youth to enjoy their childhood. Let them enjoy the rain when they want to; play on the sand when they feel to; and let them commit mistakes to learn from, too. We do not own their lives; we are just guides that bring them to a better direction. Let them shape their own future and be part of every failures and triumphs they will encounter. Let them remember their childhood at its best so when they get old, they can always return to those beautiful memories which will make them stronger.

This is why Dra Farrah always tries to give children wonderful memories they can treasure; because she believes that these will inspire them to do their best when they reach the point of being able to contribute for the betterment of our nation. In line with this, Dra Farrah organized a party to celebrate with the children in Maluid, Victoria, Tarlac!  This is one simple way of Dra Farrah to make the children forget the cruelty of today’s world as they indulge into the joyful vibe of games and prizes.

With Dra Farrah’s pure heart to extend her hands to the community where she spent her childhood in, she provided food for the children and the whole community. She also gave toys, slippers, and clothes to the youth, to give them the simplest pleasure they direly need in the swift passing of time. The games and prizes have really entertained the children and parents as they enjoy the fun-filled day together!

Truly, you the genuine smile of innocence can never be bought by any material thing there is on Earth. Also, the satisfaction one gets when he sees these will never be replaced. Dra Farrah gone through an indigent childhood, thus, she understands that a simple event like this, can bring a big difference on the hearts of every child in the party. Hopefully, through Dra Farrah’s activities, many will join her advocacy to help provide quality education for the Filipino children.

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