Dra Farrah’s first visit to San Francisco Elementary School made her heart broken. It’s not what our students deserve. Buildings were slowly deteriorating making it dangerous for the students to study. This is why Dra Farrah made a promise to return and fix this to help our students have a more conducive environment, and our teachers in providing quality education to the youth.

Dra Farrah and her husband, Dr. Jack Bunch, organized this project to also honor Dr. Jack’s teacher who made a life altering impact on his life. With this, they have decided to name the new building “Berry”, named after his beloved teacher.

Here is what Dra Farrah wants to say:

When we saw the condition of the kindergarten classroom here at one of our local schools, we were heartbroken. During the summer break, I agreed to sack and rebuild the building because it was so dilapidated. As part of the rebuilding, my husband wanted to take the opportunity to honor a teacher who made a life altering impact on his life.

Teachers often never understand or see the influence they have had on growing minds. Kids grow up; they move away, have kids of their own and the cycle repeats. Throughout this, some teachers make small differences, like ripples in a pond. Others make a very prominent effect in our lives, challenging us to grow and transform.

The rarest of teachers are the types who inspire us to fearlessly strive towards the loftiest of goals. This exceptional type of teacher can occupy our mind at some point daily, even 30 years later. They are the type of person we measure our virtues against; the sample yardstick of how to live a wonderful life as a good and honorable person. It is our responsibility to honor such a great teacher like this while he still lives.

I love you Mr. Berry. We could think of no better way to honor you than naming a school building after you. My hope is that this can somehow inspire the children of this school, a half world away from you to ask, “Who is Mr. Berry?” They can then be rewarded with tales of the best teacher I ever had. Or maybe a rare teacher will rise up to be like you –the grain of sugar in the salt shaker.

As students, we learned priceless lessons from you beyond the skills of playing musical instruments. We learned how to set & achieve personal goals and how to be an important part of something much bigger than any one of us. You showed us how to be considerate to others, how to help needy students, how to provide support to students with problems, and how to enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishment. We, your students, could feel your love for us. We became loyal to you. We strove to make you as proud of us as we all were of you. You taught us with passion and loved us like your own children.

As students, we might not be able to see how our teachers give their all just to provide us the essential things we need to learn. But as we grow up and see ourselves in the mirror, our successes wouldn’t be possible without them. Doc Farrah’s story is no different from this. Her success was also because of the inspiration she got from her teacher.

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