Dra Farrah expressed her gratitude to the Philippine National Police (PNP) of Victoria, Tarlac by donating a patrol truck. She and her husband Jack values the PNP so much, the reason why they extended their help to the uniformed personnel of the province.  Dra Farrah hopes that even in a small way, we can show our appreciation to our police officers because of their constant help to our community.

“The PNP’s mission is to enforce the law, prevent and control crimes, maintain peace and order, and ensure public safety and internal security with the active support of the community.”

“But [when] I learned about our local PNP office, [it] surprised and saddened me [because], Victoria has [only] 52 police officers in the town with over 60 thousand people. The police officers are supposed to fulfill their mission across 111 sq km using only a single truck. How can these officers fulfill their job if municipalities aren’t properly equipping and supporting them? Our PNP personnel put their lives like every day all across the Philippines for our citizens. If the community doesn’t support our PNP, how can they do their job?” – Dra Farrah said.

Dra Farrah understands PNP’s situation. She knows how difficult it is to bring out the full potential of our police officers in fighting different crimes if what they have were just limited and insufficient resources and equipment. Dra Farrah realizes their most need for a patrol car since the PNP station in Victoria only has one patrol vehicle.  

“I love the PNP.  My husband and I were here to help. We cannot have an effective police force for over 50 officers with just one truck. We decided to be an active part of the community by donating a police truck so they can perform their mission, with or without municipal support.”

“I hope that in a small way, we are able to show our gratitude with your constant help to the community.” – She added.

All of us can help, and helping is not an option but a responsibility. This responsibility envelops humanity just like how a famous quotation “no man is an island” means. Dra Farrah’s helping hands were not just for her patients, but for everyone who needs help. Either you’re a normal citizen or a uniformed personnel, as long as you need help, Dra Farrah won’t hesitate to lend a hand just like how she cares for her patients.

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