Most people go soul-searching when they feel overwhelmed with the world’s demands. Sometimes, they do this because with all the many choices there are, they lose themselves in the process, thus, contemplating with what they really want in life is deemed necessary. Oftentimes, people go back to the nature to redeem themselves. This is because they find peace with nature. How huge the part nature plays in our lives. It only not provides food, shelter, and cloth; it also provides us our home where we feel belonged.

Dra Farrah went to the mountains of Masinloc, Zambales not to search for herself. She has already found her purpose in life and that is to provide accessible cure for all. Dra Farrah travelled from Tarlac to Zambales because she wants to help the locals and the indigenous people through a livelihood program. Before doing such, Dra Farrah also ensured that the people there were educated about the role of nature and natural medicine in their lives.

Dra Farrah and The Association of Philippine Organic Growers Incorporated (APOGI) acquired the 2,000 hectares of land in Masinloc, Zambales to grow organic foods and herbs and to give a chance to give the Aetas a chance to establish their source of living. The APOGI is the organization founded by Dra Farrah which is responsible for taking care of the property.

Through this activity, the Aetas of Masinloc will have the chance to help the cancer patients of the Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch Natural Medical Center, by providing them healthy organic food, plants, and herbs. The crops grown by the Aetas will be bought by Dra Farrah, thereby providing them a means of income. These will not just help the inhabitants but also the land itself for this activity will both cultivate jobs for the people and nutrients for the land.

You see, providing help is a cycle. When you pass good deeds onto another, they will surely pass is to others, if not back to you, when possible. If you start sharing today, imagine how many folds it can be passed to millions of people out there. Dra Farrah has started it. Let’s join Dra Farrah in providing this country the assistance it needs from its people.

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