“We seek to ensure lifelong opportunities by enhancing the quality of and access to education and training programs”  — this is according to President Rodrigo Duterte. Opportunities surely knock, but let us not let our students wait for the knock to be able to stand up against the pull of poverty. Let us enable them to build doors that will take them to places they dreamed of.

Balayang High School is located in Victoria, Tarlac. The love of the principal and teachers to their school led them in sending a letter to Dra Farrah expressing their utmost request for assistance with the aim of providing better education to their students. With Dra Farrah’s big heart to help, she heeds to the letter and visited the school and witnessed how unfortunate its situation was. Dra Farrah knows she can help and thus, extended her hands in helping to rebuild the school and make sure that students would have an environment conducive to learning.

“It wasn’t until we visited them that we understood how bad their situation really is. I was heartbroken to see the conditions in which these teachers must teach, and where the children must try to learn while being exposed to pests and the elements,” Dra Farrah said.

The school’s condition hinders the students from achieving the quality of education they need and deserve. With this, Dra Farrah was moved to take an action, giving two televisions and a laptop to the school’s teaching force to help them teach more efficiently. Furthermore, Dra Farrah also pledged to give Php500, 000.00 for the school’s reconstruction and 10 more desktop computers which will aid the students of Balayang High School in learning more things through technology. The whole Balayang High School community was very thankful towards the kindness of Dra Farrah for with what she gave them was not just tangible things, but motivation to educate and learn more effectively.

“I think one of the best ways we can help these children is through cooperation between our government and those of us in the private sector who wish to help realize our President’s goal. Those of us, who can help our children in the community, must do our part to end their misery,” Dra Farrah said.

However, Dra Farrah needs more help from those who can and are willing to help in the private sector. The problem of the country in terms of education needs to be realized by many so the President’s goal can be effectual on a larger scale. Let us our future generation to build a better Philippines. Dra Farrah started it here in  Victoria, Tarlac. Hopefully, it could be done all over the Philippines where the needy can also find the hand they deserve.

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