When we were young, the thought of having a visitor give us the highest excitement level. This is true most especially when we know that the visitor has something to give us – more of a gift, as what we often wish. By these, we tend to prepare only the best things in our house – utensils, bed sheets, food; we make our homes more beautiful for that long awaited guest.

For the case of the students and teachers of San Francisco Elementary School, they have presented the best versions of themselves with banners to welcome their special guest, and a clean environment to make their visit worthwhile. However, the guest has noticed that there is something which should be taken into attention – the little kindergartens’ classroom.

The visitor of San Francisco Elementary School is none other than Dra Farrah. She has visited the school to celebrate her son’s birthday with the students. But, as she wanders around the school, she noticed the classroom of the kindergarten pupils which was wrecked,

realizing the harm it can cause to the children. With her growing concern for the children, Dra Farrah has communicated her plans to reconstruct the building by the end of the school year, to provide safety for the little angels.The school’s representatives have nothing but gratitude towards Dra Farrah and her family for helping their school improve its current state, and giving the children a fun-filled party as they all celebrated the birthday of Dra Farrah’s own little angel – Henry.

At the end, Dra Farrah awarded Php10,000 pesos to one blessed student whom she noticed because of her radiant kindness. She, then, reminded the students of San Francisco Elementary School to always be good kids so they can win their own prizes in the future.

Giving back to the community … sounds good to hear. But, what’s even better is hearing these sweet words accompanied by substantial actions. For someone like Dra Farrah, she will always help as much as she could to start the change this country deserves. Whether it be big or small, at the end, it’s the effort that counts.

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