From the article entitled Fighting Cancer with the ‘Dr. Farrah Method’ By CARLA BIANCA RAVANES – HIGHAM

“God has made us for a reason, for a cause, and a purpose. A purpose is what we are made to do, the reason why we were created and the cause of our living. I believe that we were each born for some higher purpose and it’s our cosmic mission to find it.”

It is safe to say that Dra Farrah Arsenia C. Agustin-Bunch is a woman with a passionate mission. A woman determined to make a difference in the world of medicine; she is a graduate of St. Louis University in Baguio City while completing her internship in China and Scotland and also completed a Holistic Health Practice from Natural Healing College in Los Angeles, California.

Her passion stems from a deep desire to go beyond a diagnosis to determine what the cause of a disease, particularly cancer is. To fulfill her purpose, Dra Farrah, along with her father, the world-famous herbalist, Sir Antonio Agustin. The patriarch developed the first natural cancer treatment center in the Philippines in 2000 and together with Dra Farrah; they later on developed The Dra Farrah Method.

The method named after her is unique because of its different approach to treating cancer.

“In conventional medicine, the focus is the disease, in alternative medicine, the focus is the patient,” she said.

Dra Farrah believes in a treatment called Integrative Medicine, an approach that combines conventional medicine with alternative interventions that help overcome and compensate for the abject failures of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

Her method works to reach the cause of cancer by eliminating toxins eradicating both the cancer and the cause. Treatments are entirely tailored to the individual, as works closely with her patients to determine the best way to treat them.

The Dr. Farrah Method has made Dr. Farrah the leader in the field with 15 years of experience in integrative cancer treatments as well as introducing the word “immunopathy” to the world. The cornerstone of the treatment is Boston C, invented by Dr. Farrah herself, as well as other support system necessary for the patient.

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