It’s the thought that counts, they say. But, in a world where aesthetics, glamour, and publicity are the most important, people often overlook at simple gestures; sometimes, even the simplest and most solvable problems.

Poverty. Many activists, politicians, economists, and notable individuals have tried to understand the root and possible solutions for this problem. However, there is no perfect formula to alleviate it. The face of poverty changes from time to time. Our standards and definition of poverty became blurry that sometimes we can’t distinguish if it’s still poverty or the lack of sensitivity of those who can help but chose not to.

Dra Farrah is someone who does not stop from plain recognition. She acts. Once she sees something needs to be done, Dra Farrah always seeks to have part in making things better.

In Barangay San Jacinto in Victoria, Tarlac, Dra Farrah and her staffs organized a feeding program for the students of San Jacinto Elementary school, and the residents therein. A famous fast food chain mascot was also brought to entertain the children while enjoying their meals all together. Dra Farrah also gave them slippers and additional supplies which they can use on their daily routines, especially in going to school.

These actions seem so simple and little, but imagine these; Dra Farrah made it possible. Not all who care will dare to act and lend a hand, but Dra Farrah did. Let us help her in reaching others who need our help. You don’t need to be rich to help. All you need is a loving and caring heart who see the reality outside.

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